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Support Requests

If you encounter any problems or issues while installing, using, or running our application, please, fill out our support form and submit your request to us. Our support team will contact you within the next 24 hours. To request support, click here.

Feature Requests

We are ready to continuously develop our solution to make it as convenient and as suitable for your business needs as possible. If you feel your business will benefit from having a certain feature implemented in AxProject, feel free to inquire us for this. Upon your request, we can modify, enhance, enrich or adjust the functionality of AxProject to your specific business or industry needs. The product is totally flexible and customizable. You can inquire for a feature or submit your feature request here.

Bug Reporting

We want our solution to bring you best results and serve your business needs the best way possible, that is why we are interested in its continuous improvement. Should you come up with any cases of the application malfunction or incorrect behavior, please, report those to us at your earliest convenience. We will analyze the problem and make the necessary improvements and corrections to fix it. Click here to report a bug.


If you have any questions or concerns related to licensing policy, you can view our license terms here.

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