Microsoft Project 2003-2010 Viewer

AxpViewer Standard for Windows

AxpViewer 2010 can:

  • Open and view complex projects with all their tasks and subtasks, dependencies and time constraints, schedules and assignments, resources and their related data
  • Open Microsoft Project (*.mpp) files and save them as Advanced Experience Project (AxProject, *.axp) files, and vice versa

AxpViewer is designed to provide a more affordable tool for viewing plans, either created with MS Project or with AxProject. It guarantees affordable access to Microsoft Project files opening even most complex ones with all multiple project attributes correctly displayed.

There are so many project attributes you can see with AxpViewer:

  • all the tasks with their subtasks, durations, splits, time phases, start and end dates, dependencies, predecessors, time constraints, and statuses. Also, leveling delay parameters are imported and accurately displayed
  • all the resources assigned to tasks, including cost and material resources, with their rates and calendars
  • all calendars with work weeks and schedule exceptions
  • project progress and completion percentage

Supporting as many project attributes and features as AxProject does and being a more affordable tool for viewing plans, either created with Microsoft Project or with AxProject, AxpViewer 2010 makes your company project management collaboration easy, complete and more cost effective.

And only 2 reasons for you to prefer this Microsoft Project viewer:

  1. Your project accuracy ensured
  2. Your money saved

Get your benefit from easy, complete and more cost effective company project collaboration with AxpViewer!

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