Microsoft Project 2003-2010 Viewer

AxpViewer Standard for Windows

Viewing Microsoft Project files with AxpViewer Standard

While your company top or line managers might be creating Microsoft Project or Advanced Experience Project (AxProject) plans, your project team members might just need to view these plans without having to change or edit them. That is the point where you can get optimized. Our AxpViewer 2010 application is a great alternative to Microsoft Project while it suggests a more affordable and cost effective way to view MPP files. AxViewer 2010 is a stand-alone viewer for Microsoft Project files that provides access to any MS projects with all their attributes and parameters correctly displayed. With AxpViewer, you can open and view large and complex MS projects, and stay sure that you get the right picture of all the tasks and subtasks, dependencies and time constraints, schedules and assignments, resources and their related data.

Optimize your business processes and project collaboration with a more affordable access to viewing MPP files. With AxpViewer, you get optimized where it is reasonable to.

Why use AxpViewer 2010 for your MS project files?

  • affordable access to Microsoft Project files
  • opening large and complex plans
  • multiple project attributes correctly displayed

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