Software for creating, scheduling and viewing project plans

Project Management Tools

The Advanced Experience Company develops solutions both for creating and viewing your project plans.

While AxProject is used for successful planning, scheduling and tracking your projects,
AxpViewer provides affordable access to your Microsoft Project 2003-2010 and AxProject plans.

AxProject Professional
Creating, scheduling and tracking project plans.
  • Plan and schedule your project task by task
  • Manage work, material and cost resources in a smart way
  • Organize multiple tasks with task dependencies, time constraints and deadlines
  • Handle critical issues of your project (meeting deadlines, critical tasks, resource overloading)
  • Optimize costs and resources of your project
  • Import your Microsoft Project mpp files of 2003-2010 formats to the new AxProject and work with pleasure.
  • Enjoy the convenient and user-friendly interface

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AxpViewer Standard
Viewing Microsoft Project and AxProject plans.
  • Open and view complex projects with all their tasks and subtasks, dependencies and time constraints, schedules and assignments, resources and their related data
  • Open MPP files and save them as AXP (AxProject) files, and vice versa
  • Optimize your business processes and project collaboration with a more affordable access to viewing MPP files

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