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AxProject Professional as the right manager tool

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Project management tool AxProject 2010 is an innovative functionality enriched software. Staying simple to use, the program assumes the best practices and features available in software for project management. AxProject gives assurance in total control over each moment of your project’s progress. It is an optimal budget planning solution that also helps handle critical issues right in time. The project management software provides means to detect possible delays or overloading people. With AxProject, you will be able to respond and subject your project plan to task interruptions and any sort of unforeseen events throughout the actual project progress. AxProject’s interface is absolutely user-friendly and smooth. You won’t feel out of shoes if you’ve ever worked with MS Project 2003-2010, and this makes AxProject a great alternative to Microsoft Project. The interface is coupled with comprehensive project management tools, which makes the complexity of large projects easy to deal with. AxProject planning software gives two important good things extra:

  • Program is totally attuned with Microsoft Project. You can import your *.mpp project files of 2003-2010 formats to the new AxProject 2010 and work with pleasure.
  • You can export any project created with AxProject 2010 as a universal XML format.

With AxProject 2010 management software you trouble-free will:

  • Create a standard or personalized calendar plan of your project
  • Stay always informed of where your project is standing, what has yet to be done, and how much time and efforts it will take to complete
  • Calculate the exact costs of current and future tasks and all the expenses the project implementation will involve
  • Modify the plan subject to actual project realization and track associated changes in its completion dates or costs
  • Undo or redo any of your assumptions an unlimited number of times
  • Reallocate resources to avoid overloading and optimize critical tasks
  • Use available resources effectively in a smart way

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