New AxProject 3.41 to Introduce Rate Groups for Increased Project Cost Precision

We are proud to announce the release of a new version of our headliner product AxProject 2010 Professional. Apart from the Earned Value Method analysis and baselines available in AxProject since the latest version and now improved, you can find useful the newly introduced Rate Groups for resources that can work on different tasks at varying rates.  The feature has been eagerly awaited in AxProject since it is absolutely a must for proper resource management. Rate groups reflect the fact that the personnel’s job may cost different money depending on the type of work, the amount of efforts a task takes, and career promotion.

From now on, you can create as many rate groups as you need and apply them in assignments. For example, these can be rate groups for a resource that can perform different types of work at different rates. 

Availability of rate groups is particularly critical for the correct calculation of project costs in case of some changes in resource costs in time. For example, if the rates of a certain resource have changed (increased as a result of career promotion, or vice versa reduced), you can set a new rate group for this resource  to be applied starting from a certain moment of time. This will allow you to calculate project costs subject to a new rate without affecting the rest of the calculations that were made before the rate change. Thus, the project costs before the rate increase or decrease will remain intact and will be calculated at the previous rates. Without the rate groups applicable from a certain point of time, you would just edit the resource’s rate and all the project costs would be recalculated from the very project start dates, which would surely distort the financial picture of your project.
Baselines alongside with the earned value analysis will let you stay informed about the current status of you project according to your baseline plan.  Rate groups will allow you to manage resource costs with more flexibility and assurance in that your project costs are estimated correctly at all times.

Here is the list of improvements in AxProject 3.41:

  • Rate changes and rate groups
  • Baselines
  • Earned Value Method Analysis
  • 128-bit decimals costs precision
  • Project Chart – a new Project Management View for convenient browsing of the project scope
  • Printing

 and other pluses-n-fixes.

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