New AxProject 3.40 to introduce earned value method and baselines

Advanced Experience announces the release of a new AxProject 3.40 that now supports baselines and the earned value method.

Baseline is an essential tool for keeping up with the project progress. It is the initial project plan that is created and saved before any activities on project implementation are started.  The baseline contains original task, resource, assignment, budget, and cost estimates against which a project manager can then compare the actual project parameters throughout the project progress.  The actual project data can include actual task durations, actual percent work completed on assignments, timephased resources. This will help the manager to understand to what extent the actual implementation of the project deviates from the planned one. In AxProject, you can create as many baselines as you want.

The introduction of baselines in the new AxProject 3.40 has made it possible to apply another important project progress tracking feature – the earned value method. The method is based on using the number of actual values calculated as the project progresses.  The earned value represents the actual budgeted cost of the work that has been performed on the task at the given moment and helps the manager see if the project is going over or under the budget.

Keeping track of the earned value and referring to project baselines, a project manager will always see if the project is actually performed according to the plan and will be able to foresee the potential risk of project delays or going over the allocated budget.

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