Microsoft Project viewer – AxpViewer

At last, the new Microsoft Project viewer is able to display all commonly used project attributes, facilitate previews and to provide wide ranging project views. Think, for example, of large Microsoft Project files full of tasks, subtasks, dependencies and time constraints, schedules and assignments… Or the ingenious plans your project team members might like to view without inaccuracies due to the incompatibility of your Microsoft Project viewer with the original planner.

Having this new Microsoft Project viewer you can be sure to get the precise picture of any MS projects with all their attributes and parameters correctly displayed. AxpViewer is a great alternative to Microsoft Project allowing you to get a more affordable and cost effective way to view MPP files.

Get smart with AxpViewer:

  • Get an affordable access to Microsoft Project files
  • Make large and complex plans open easily at your command
  • Get pleased with all multiple project attributes correctly displayed
  • Save your time and money

Working on a large project is getting more pricy? Use the chance to optimize your business processes and project collaboration with AxpViewer now!
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