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AxpViewer 3.51


  • Notes are now correctly displayed in terms of Unicode and formatting problem;
  • hyperlinks can be opened now;
  • EULA has been changed.

AxpViewer 3.50

A New Feature:

  • Task and Resource Usage Views – observe work and cost of your tasks, resources and even assignments on a day-by-day basis within one-click distance.

AxpViewer 3.41

A New Feature:

  • Rate groups – observe all rates changes inside one rate group and all resource rate groups.


  • Export of Earned value method fields to xml files.

Bug Fixing:

  • Correct date variances calculation.
  • 100% CPU usage in the project chart fixed.

AxpViewer 3.40

New Features:

  • Baselines for AxProject projects
  • Earned Value Method Analysis fields


  • Russian language added.
  • Columns selection dialog added – a dialogue window where you can select any columns to be added to the table.
  • The GUID column for tasks, resources and assignments added.
  • The Critical column for tasks added.
  • New duration format added: "1d 4h".
  • Shortcuts for buffer operations added: Ctrl+Ins.
  • If the file could not be found, the user will be prompted to delete it from the Recent Projects list.
  • False/True options replaced with Yes/No options in tables.
  • Compact view like in Project chart added for Resource chart.

Bug Fixing:

  • The user interface correctly updated with much less CPU used.
  • Cost resource assignment error corrected.
  • The view is updated when cost decimal digits are changed.
  • Cost per use now depends on units.
  • Calculation of rolled-up work corrected.
  • Calculation of work with float deviations corrected.
  • All the task's durations displayed in time units of the main duration.

Updates of ScheduleAlgorithm:

  • Lags are calculated by the project calendar.
  • The finish constraint is correctly calculated for manual tasks.
  • Leveling delay calculation error fixed.
  • Finish and start correctly calculated for the summary task that has manual subtasks.
  • Total slack correctly calculated for summary tasks.

MPP Import fixes:

  • Raw values applied upon cost import.
  • Projects with cycles imported.
  • The error upon the import of a task with one cost resource fixed.
  • The error upon the import of projects with tasks with the same ID's fixed.
  • The bug upon the import of short material resource time-phases fixed.
  • %lag now imported.
  • Assignment leveling delay imported and taken into account upon scheduling.
  • Task links import error fixed.

AxpViewer 3.30

A New Feature:

Project Chart – a new Project Management View for convinient browsing of the project scope. With Project Chart you can:

  • Observe the critical path
  • Drill down to any level to see more project details
  • Take a quick look on milestone status at any outline level
  • See what and when will be done, and how much it costs
  • See task progress


  • Import of 2007 format files saved from MSP 2010
  • Milestones drawn at the end of their schedule

Bug Fixing:

  • Completed milestones correctly scheduled

AxpViewer 3.25

A New Feature: Import of Microsoft Project 2010 MPP files: with manually scheduled tasks, incative task, and others.

Bug Fixing:

  • Fixed import of notes field from MPP
  • Show project start at the correct place in the Gantt Chart
  • Show project finish in the charts
  • Calculate correctly slacks and critical path for manually scheduled tasks
  • Draw progress of task till the next working time

AxpViewer 3.2

A New Feature: Manually Scheduled Tasks with the entire infrastructure implemented:

  • Optional Start, Finish and Duration task fields values
  • Manually scheduled tasks differently drawn in the charts
  • An Auto Scheduled bar is drawn for manually scheduled summary tasks in the Gantt chart, and upon some schedule warnings, the schedule is highlighted with red
  • Special Indicator Icon added
  • Task Mode fields added

A New Feature: Copy of Table Cells to buffer from the program


  • Check for updates implemented
  • Short names for Task Constraint Types

AxpViewer 3.1

A New Feature: Active/Inactive tasks with the entire infrastructure implemented:

  • This types of tasks differently drawn in the charts
  • Icons for inactive and auto/manually scheduled tasks
  • Active tasks fields added

A New Feature: Copy to buffer of Tasks and Resources:

  • Possibility to select separate lines using the Ctrl key

A New Feature: Dates Selected in the Task Sheet Highlighted in the Gantt chart
A Go To Date command added in the context menu of the Task Sheet referring you to the same date in the Gantt chart


  • Header font made smaller
  • Unerring scene zoom
  • Intermediate headers added in the Gantt chart for smoother zooming
  • Line-by-line jumps upon scrolling in the Gantt chart
  • Task Sheet vertical scrollbar removed
  • Charts can be scrolled while dragging
  • Headers highlighted in yellow
  • Recent projects displayed on the top in the Start Page recent list
  • Tooltips shown in the Gantt chart and in load info in the chart
  • Green icon for the viewer

Bug Fixing:

  • No failure upon a calendar dialogue opened
  • Focus on the first row upon clicking in the Gantt chart

AxpViewer 3.0

  • Tool tips for resource names in the resource chart added
  • Some graphics improvements
  • Inspectors are now resizable
  • Program Start Page added
  • Task stop and resume columns added

AxpViewer 2.9

  • The drop-down tasks table upon assignment extended
  • Unassigned tasks are displayed in the team planner
  • Additional code improvements
  • Hot keys for closing documents added (Ctrl+F4)
  • Header tooltips in charts added
  • Start page, help view and EULA are now printable
  • The License Terms window (EULA) added
  • In import/open dialogues, other extension types are shown (axp, mpp)
  • Date displayed next to milestones in the Gantt chart
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