AxProject as an alternative to Microsoft (MS) Project

When it comes to business optimization, many company leaders are eager to find less expensive ways and solutions to run their business. In doing so, they would still not wish to lose in quality. Leading top managers see that no alternative should be left without proper attention when it’s up to project optimization.
Microsoft Project has long been considered beyond competition in the market of project management software. This article discovers some peculiar features and advantages of AxProject that a project manager may find worth attention when looking for an adequate alternative to MS Project. Comparing these two, let’s draw attention to the three most significant points to be considered:

Most Wanted Project Planning Tools

AxProject suggests a comprehensive set of professional project planning tools with everything you might need in daily project management. The one who intends to change MS Project for AxProject would be pleased to find many familiar functions at hand. Moreover, AxProject suggests some unique features, too.
The Project Chart is the feature that can be referred to as an innovation in project management software. This chart has been developed as a result of an attempt to improve the Gantt chart. Now, it resolves the inconveniences of the Gantt chart and provides a brand new view of the project suggesting quick access to milestones, drill-down levels, no excessive detailing or grid lines causing confusion, convenient overview of task time phases. At the same time, the balance between functionality and genie simplicity is no way disturbed. The word ‘smart’ here doesn’t mean ‘sophisticated’.
Another point worth mentioning is a modified team planner, a very useful feature, indeed. It saves time and provides perils of business prevention, as you deal with possible problems of overloading within the application environment before they interrupt the whole business. Unlike the familiar Team Planner, the alternative Resource Chart offered by AxProject combines the resource workload balance and reschedule tools with the standard resource view. It not only provides managers with the ability to monitor, reorganize and level the workload of human and material resources, but also visualizes the resource workload right in the chart, turning it into a real handy function.

Making Professional Project Planning Affordable

AxProject’s pricing policy is absolutely reasonable. The product is the right solution for those who need a professional project management instrument with a set of must-have planning tools, but would not want to pay a fortune for it. All the project planning features AxProject has to offer coupled with a nice intuitive interface are available for just $129 making it quite a smart investment.
Apart from reasonable pricing, AxProject provides flexibility due to a possibility of using project file viewers where necessary – something that Microsoft Project, unfortunately, can not afford. Around 500$ for professional project planning software, no matter whether you are a top manager creating a plan, or just a team member seeing it through, has become a must-pay minimum. As amazing as reasonable it is, the application suggested by Advanced Experience alongside with AxProject isAxViewer 2010, a project viewer that is a more affordable and cost-effective alternative to project planners, unless you need to edit them. Thus, instead of purchasing expensive project management planners for the entire project team, you could alternatively get a fully featured AxProject for yourself as a project manager, with the rest of the team members obtaining less costly AxViewer for viewing projects. If you take into consideration the price of AxProject itself, which is literary less than half of MS Project’s, the opportunity to save on the application copies brings out the benefit that grows in geometric progression. That’s what is called cost efficiency and customizability. AxProject is flexible, it meets the requirements of the customer’s budget and helps get optimized through the planner-viewer combination that suits your business the most. That’s why it’s attractive as an alternative to MS Project. Optimization here is obvious.

Familiar Interface and Usability

What we get used to is often considered to be the most efficient, and when it comes to a change, time and strain are required to get used to the new. I mean have you ever had to write a message in T9 when you’re used to Abc? A most simple task turns into a trial. Microsoft Project is a used-to project management software, and it would be smart of AxProject developers not to step far from the familiar interface. And they actually didn’t. A tabbed toolbar interface, just like in MS Office 2007, seems user-friendly and offers comprehensive project management tools. It may be a very complex and large project, but the impression left from the planning process is remarkable by its comfort and efficiency.
After everything mentioned, the question “whether the alternative of AxProject is worth regarding?” sounds more like “whether you regard your business worth optimizing?” – so obvious and undoubted the advantages are. And while some managers still do not consider the perspective, others have already allowed this invaluable asset into their business.

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