7 Major Issues of Gantt Charts and How You Can Avoid Them

Many standard Gantt charts are overloaded with unnecessary details, are too large to overview and print out while numerous grid lines cause confusion. When talking about the convenience of getting the necessary data from the Gantt chart, the lack of ease in accessing milestones and drill-down levels comes out. The latter issue is actually the absence of a drill-down option that would display any level of tasks and subtasks you want without having to oversee their summary tasks or the tasks of neighboring levels.
Taking all these considerations into account, Advanced Experience has designed a new chart that would resolve the Gantt chart issues.
The Project Chart is a brand new view uniquely developed in AxProject to join the standard Task and Resource views. The Project Chart has been introduced as a result of a number of conclusions that the Advanced Experience development team arrived at while studying the above Gantt chart issues.

Project Chart with Milestones

So what are the features and benefits of the Project Chart?

  1. Drill-Down Levels.Now you can drill down to any specific level of tasks or subtasks to overview.
  2. Milestones Available at a Glance.Project milestones are always displayed at the top of the project.
  3. A Much Eased Gantt Chart.Once implemented in project management software, the Project Chart unloads the Gantt chart from excessive details, thus, making it less complex, much clearer and easier for reading the necessary information.
  4. No Excessive Grid Lines.
  5. Critical Path Always Outlined.
  6. Space Economy.  In contrast to the familiar high-rise presentation of tasks with each task taking a separate line, the Project Chart suggests placing the tasks that have no overlap in their time phases on a single line one by one. That is made for a space economy purpose, thus, allowing you to overview really huge and complex projects with a minimum possible space taken. A handy header drag option allows you to travel to/from any time phases of your project at ease.

To try and to evaluate the convenience of this new chart, you can download AxProject here. You will see how much easier it becomes to understand the project!
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