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AxProject is a feature-rich project management solution that is easy to use yet affordable. It provides all the necessary project management features that any project manager would need in their daily management work.

With AxProject Professional you can:

  • Create a calendar plan of your project
  • Estimate how long and what it will take to have your project complete
  • Calculate the cost of your project implementation
  • Handle critical issues of your project
  • Allocate human, material and non-material resources in a smart way to get the job done 

Having the right people to do the right job and doing the right thing in the right time is about being efficient in project management. Another part of being a good project manager is not only being able to react to changes and challenges, but also to predict them in a proactive way, have a backup plan, and effectively analyze new business opportunities.

Usability and an intuitive interface of AxProject will help you to easily and quickly schedule your projects using this project management software.

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